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Look mama, Monkey eats meat!

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Today I visited my trusted meat provider, Hakkarainen, who sells meat at my precious Hakaniemen halli. I bougth three (!!) different kinds of meat for me to experience on. First one in fire was a steak. I know, sort of hasard when I’ve always just had some perfectly made ones, but felt like it was the time to try it on my own. And I did okay. Not superb, but okay. You will probably do better. So here’s the pic, the recipe’s really quite simple:

  • heat the pan
  • add olive oil
  • bake (?) the steak, couple of minutes each sides
  • –> aim for a medium minus, then turn the gas off and let it sit
  • season with salt’n’pepa
  • eat!


I cut mine to go with a salad, easily eaten by fork, no difficult knife cutting skills needed and very neat to watch something entertaining from Tv-kaista. Or to listen to Ken Wilber’s podcast, which I did. Cheers!

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