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Meat on a (Coconut) Milky way

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I bought a good half kilo of minced lamb meat when I last visited Hakkarainen and prepared it last night. Accidentally, it turned out massively delicious! Ask anyone. And like all my recipes, extremely simple. Perfect pair for a humongous salad and a bit warmed veggies.


Coconutty bolognese

  • 500 g minced lamb meat
  • 2 dl coconut milk (full fat, naturally)
  • spices: curry, paprika
  • good quality salt
  • (pickled cucumbers)

Cook minced meat on a pan. When thoroughly cooked, add chopped pickled cucumbers if you’re using them (they add a little sweetness and vinegary taste). Pour coconut milk to the pan and let it cook so that some of the moisture dissolves. Season with loads of curry powder, paprika powder and salt, taste to adjust. Cook until it’s no more liquidy but more like a stew. Bite away! Works also when cooled.


  1. Äää kaikki alkaa kirjottaan englantia ja mää tipun kärryiltää…byäääh

    Comment by no määä — 9.1.2010 @ 14.39

  2. Säää, voi ei anteeksi! Jätät vaan kommentin jos joku tietty näyttää hyvältä niin suomennan sen kyllä sulle 😀

    Comment by ylimuuli — 9.1.2010 @ 18.35

  3. Kaunis kiitos sulle 🙂

    Comment by no määä — 9.1.2010 @ 23.57

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