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For all my Finnish readers, I HAVE TO put a word out about this wonderful organic product: Kotivaran Luomumeetvursti. It’s not only organic and unbelievable delicious, it also does not contain glucose or any other sh*t so commonly messing with cut meat. I won’t even mention E621, the most evil monosodium glutamate (MSG) that’s put into so many products it makes me sick. Literally.


But this beauty saves the day! Brilliantly fatty and tasty it’s a perfect snack with some veggies or a part of a good meal. Doesn’t get much better.


  1. WOW, mistä saa? Where do you get it from?

    Comment by Laura — 3.3.2010 @ 20.38

  2. I agree, this is a great product. We always buy it from Prisma so would assume that you might find it at least from there.

    Comment by HW — 3.3.2010 @ 23.45

  3. Tätä saa S-ketjun kaupoista ilmeisesti jos kerran Prismastakin, hyvinvarustelluista S-marketeista myös. Ja Pirkalla on myös luomumeetvursti joka on ihan vastaavaa kamaa, sitä sitten kannattaa metsästää K-kaupoista 🙂 Ei oo pahasti asiat nyt!

    Comment by ylimuuli — 4.3.2010 @ 5.59

  4. Regular guest in our fridge as well =)

    Other excellent product I found yesterday was organic meatballs! Taste is ok, a bit salty but xsillion times better than that saarioinen/hk-crap. Not that I buy ready meals that often but when fast (and accepted by the 6-yrs old….) and easy is required, they’re very nice. The list of ingredients is meat, some onions and carrot, salt, compared to that hk’s product with LESS THAN 50% of meat, wheat starch, potate E this and that…

    Comment by Emma — 4.3.2010 @ 8.46

  5. Emma, excellent! Wow, more balls :-O I’m really liking this new more organic emphasized product selection in stores. Who would’ve guessed like five or seven years ago? The ingredients in the balls sound superb!

    Comment by ylimuuli — 4.3.2010 @ 18.28

  6. Found the Luomu Meetvursti in Stockan Herkku, yiihaa. Also bought some other organic goodies, I’ve just never even looked at the ‘sausage department’ thinking it’s all potato flour. Few E-codes even in the organic things, have to look up what they are. Can’t help it, once you start paying attention to these things, there’s no way back.

    ..I aslo bought some (non-organic) lamb tenderloin, mmm.. ate it almost raw. Very very good.

    Comment by Laura — 4.3.2010 @ 20.07

  7. Found out that the Pirkka meetvursti is made by Kotivara!

    Comment by Laura — 5.3.2010 @ 18.19

  8. Hei! Mahtia! Empä olisi uskonut, että meetvurstia saa luomuna. Täytyy heti mainostaa tolle meidän perheen meetvurstifanille. Kiitos Meri!

    Comment by Riia — 13.3.2010 @ 0.15

  9. Laura, hail sausages! They’ve gone up a significant notch the lasts years in quality 🙂 Lamb and almost rare meat is so good… 😛 Oh my, my inner carnivore has been hiding so many years of not eating meat that now I just praise every possibility to eat proper (ethical) meat!

    And YES they are from the same manufacturer, same stuff 🙂

    Riia, eiko loistavaa 😀 Nykyaika on ihanaa: saa syödä voita ja eläintä ja kaikkea muuta ihanaa, kuten vihanneksia ja pähkinöitä, kevyttuotteet sen sijaan voi unohtaa! Meetvursti ON hyvää. Eilen just stäkättiin tätä pari pakettia.

    Comment by ylimuuli — 13.3.2010 @ 8.29

  10. Jep ja S-marketeissa on muuten tosi usein nykyään luomujauhelihaa myynnissä! Sampo on innoissaan, kun meillä tehdään myös liharuokia nykyään. Mie kun en oikein suostu syömään kuin silloin tällöin luomulihaa.

    Comment by Riia — 13.3.2010 @ 18.57

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