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Boom Chaga-laa!

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Chaga, also known as cinder conk (as Wikipedia tells us) is a miraculously healthy eat growing in birch and other trees. It’s actually a fungus parasitic which may not sound so appealing to you but indeed, if you care to look at the list of the researched health benefits you may encourage yourself to try it. We found our golden treasure with a little help from the South Finland’s forrests and now that it’s dried and ground we drink it every day… While it doesn’t actually make you high the idea of consuming all those precious things lifts you up anyway.

So all you hunter gatherers, go hunt some chaga! In Finnish, this night dark treasure that looks like it exploded carries the name pakurikääpä. Some of you may have heard about it from Olli Posti or Jaakko Halmetoja… The true pakuri knights of the Finnish raw food scene (tho boiling this for a good 10 minutes or even hours doesn’t quite make this particularly raw).


  1. Healthy it seems to be but it sure looks disgusting;D

    Comment by Yaelian — 18.8.2010 @ 7.58

  2. Yaelian, mitä mitä mitä 😀 It’s beautiful, a golden treasure! My precious :’)

    Comment by ylimuuli — 18.8.2010 @ 20.43

  3. voi yliklonkku ;’D kai mun pitää sua uskoa ja tulla maistamaan <3

    Comment by Liina — 16.10.2010 @ 7.30

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