You’ve got Kale

These brilliant transparent emerald treasures are kale chips! I know, don’t they look and sound appealing? No? I can assure they are delish! Crispy and salty and tasty. Filled with… stuff. You know, the healthy stuff. The GREEN stuff! So if you don’t wanna put it into a blender to make a green smoothie or eat it as a salad, try this. I have a food dryer but a normal oven will do as well. Inspiration from the lovely blog Appelsiineja hunajaa.


Kale Chips

  • 2 bunches of kale
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • quality salt
  • paprika (grounded dried one, what is it called? Capsicum? The red stuff anyway.)
  • lemon juice

Tear the leaves and remove the thickest parts of the stems. Make a mixture out of a generous amount of EVOO, salt, spices and lemon juice. Mix it in the leaves thoroughly! Every leaf should have its share. Let marinade in the fridge for while and then let them dry in a dryer, several hours in 40 degrees worked. Tasty.


  1. Minäkin tein noita joku aika sitten ,ja sitten vielä uudestaan,kun olivat niin hyviä!

    Comment by Yaelian — 9.7.2010 @ 18.41

  2. Hups,siinähän sinä mainitsitkin ne mun tekemäni.Olen juuri kotiutunut Suomesta ja aivot ovat vielä vähän pehmeitä lennon jälkeen;D

    Comment by Yaelian — 9.7.2010 @ 18.43

  3. Juu :-D Kiitos vaan inspiraatiosta! Pitkästä aikaa ehdin seikkailla blogissasi tässä yksi päivä ja siellä oli taas vaikka mitä upeaa!

    Comment by ylimuuli — 9.7.2010 @ 18.45

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