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Thanks for all the Phish

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Our genuine paleo posse got together a week ago for the second time and this time fish was the name of the game. A very fresh, whole wild-caught salmon (lots of omega 3s unlike farmed salmon!) was put in the oven despite the horrified look in its eyes. To ease the pain y’all feel in your hearts I can assure that at least the salmon wasn’t cooked alone. It got some nice fennel bulbs and onions steeping underneath. If there’s something worse than dying, it’s dying alone (Let’s not stick to the fact that the phish was already dead.).


Before this magnificent main course, which was accompanied by finely chopped cabbage seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, we enjoyed a paleolithic antipasto plate. This was (hunted and) gathered by myself and the Carnivore. It included the following, delirious combo:

  • dried kale chips
  • kajmak aka Croatian ketchup (bellpepper paste)
  • cold smoked pork (from Hakkarainen)
  • marinated zucchinis (these are brilliant! Slice into 0,5 cm slices, sprinkle some oil and bake in the oven, then put in a jar together with salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. TASTY as hell! 😛)
  • …and mushroom: fresh chantarelles tubaeformis (suppilovahvero) fried in butter


After the delicious, juicy phishy main course we still had some room left in the dessert stomach for raspberries and salted and roasted cashews. Looks primal and beautiful.



Last but not least, the pumpkin swan doing dancing its ballet solo!


  1. Mmm,everything looks so yummy!

    Comment by Yaelian — 26.9.2010 @ 16.09

  2. Yaelian, everything WAS so yummy! Thank goodness for food 😀

    Comment by ylimuuli — 28.9.2010 @ 16.16

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