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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

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I really like nori, the seaweed used in maki rolls. Since rice is a no-no and I don’t have the money (or energy) to always use smoked salmon to make these and since variation is a nice thing, we came up with these two bunnies. The latter was inspired by some nnnice mayo and cheese filled ham rolls tasted in Tallinn… Might as well be made with mayo.


Tuna rolls (no rice)

  • nori sheets
  • tuna in oil
  • mayo (self made or a quality one from a jar/tube)
  • lettuce, cucumber, carrot
  • pepper, salt

Drain the tune a bit (not all the oil out! That’s where the flavour is.) and mix with some generous amount of mayo, lemon mayo went well with these. Season with salt and pepper if needed. Cut the carrot and cucumber thinly lengthwise. Put a nori sheet in front of you and place two leaves of lettuce in the other end. Add tunamayo and veggie strips and roll. Eat like a HOTDOG! Adding some sauerkraut worked for me as well. Not for the Meat Eater tho.


Ham rolls

  • quality ham (preferrably smoked)
  • hard boiled eggs
  • butter
  • salt
  • (chives)

Smash boiled eggs with a fork and mix some butter in the egg crumble. Season with salt and possibly chopped chives. Roll into a ham slice. Easy peasy.


  1. No, sushia nämä nyt ei ainakaan ole. Sushiin kun tulee riisiä – aina.

    Comment by MamaSi — 3.7.2011 @ 12.53

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